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Singles Discography
Number Artist A Side Title B Side Title Release Date
45-1 Carroll, Don Misery Loves Company Big Brother 1962
Y-501 Stewart, Vernon The Way It Feels To Die You're Not All Here 1962
Y-502 Taylor, Frank Bubbles In The Glass A Part Of You 1962
1000 Unreleased

1005 Unreleased

1010 Unreleased

1015 Miles, Lee Home Away From Home The Name That I'd Die To Have 1963
1020 Winchesters, The Calling All Girls Dancing On A Star 1963
1025 Keen, Curtis Mothers Flower Garden What A Heck Of A World We're Living In 1963
1030 Cook, Roy March Of The Blues John Henry's Girl 1963
1035 McBride, Nell Yours Forever Old Enough 1963
1040 Woods, Gene Lonesome Side Of Lonely As I Walk Alone 1963
1045 Bain, Rod Time After Time Another Used-To-Be 1963
1050 Tucker, Patsy Santa's Helpers Little Ones Christmas 1963
1055 Taylor, Frank From Brown To Blue You Didn't Leave Me Much To Live For 1964
1060 Louis, Jimmy Each Time You Cross My Mind Old North Star 1964
1065 Nesbitt, Jim Looking For More In '64 (Go On And) Cry Me A River 1964
1070 O'Neil, Coleman Missing Persons A Standby For You 1964
1075 Davis, Carl That's What Tears Me Up I'm On My Way Back Home 1964
1080 Arnold, Kay Lovin' Time Colder Than Diamonds 1964
1085 Tall, Tom Walk Tall Eyes Look Away 1964
1090 Wright, Ginny Happy Anniversary Have You Ever Been Lonely 1964
1095 Taylor, Frank She Used To Be My Girl Lost, Strayed Or Stolen 1964
1100 Nesbitt, Jim Mother In Law If You Don't Love Me (Tell Me Now) 1964
1105 Smith, Charlie I'm Left With All These Heartaches Big Town 1964
1110 Hight, Mike and The Men of Music I Don't Think I Need A Heartache Lonely Walls 1964
1115 Lewis, Fred Every Little Song I Sing Fighting Fire With Fire 1964
1120 Cramer, Lynn Birth of a Heartache Shadows Of My Past 1964
1125 Arnold, Kay & Kendall Hayes Let's Start Slipping Around Together (And We Can Write A Song) I Was Just Along For The Ride 1964
1130 Turner, Grant The Bible In Her Hand Lord, Don't Let Me Down 1964
1135 Woods, Gene Little Bitty Heart Good Morning World 1964
1140 Bain, Rod (Here I Am) Holding Trouble Again In The Arms Of A Heartache 1964
1145 Stephens, Ott A Little Bit Of Blue I Spell Love Y-O-U 1964
1150 Taylor, Frank Blue Part Of Blues Tears and Tears to Pay 1964
1155 McBride, Nell Crying (Because I'm Losing You) Desperately 1964
1160 Louis, Jimmy Time Has Run Out On Me I've Been Known To Lie Sometimes 1965
1165 Nesbitt, Jim A Tiger In My Tank I Can't Stand This Living Alone 1965
1170 Tall, Tom & Ginny Wright I Want You In The Shadows Of The Night 1965
1175 Goodwin, Bill Dead Among The Living My Baby Don't Live Here Anymore 1965
1180 Kirby, Ted I'll End It Like A Man These Are The Things 1965
1185 Lane, Jerry Gonna Live It Up I Feel A Sin Comin' On 1965
1190 Hight, Mike I Hurt Too Much To Die How About That 1965
1195 Keaton, Linda A Penny For Your Thoughts The Other Half Of Me 1965
1200 Nesbitt, Jim Still Alive In '65 I Laughed When You Said You Were Leaving 1965
1205 Stephens, Ott Enough Man For You Never Tired Of Loving You 1965
1210 Whitley, Don & Joyce Duke We'd Rather Than Fight Than Switch Two Hearts Into One 1965
1215 Goodwin, Bill Trouble In Heaven You Did These Things To Me 1965
1220 Rogers, Weldon Two Empty Glasses Don't Steal My Style 1965
1225 Tall, Tom Gravy Train I've Seen Everything 1965
1230 Woods, Gene Night World As I Walk Alone 1965
1235 Taylor, Frank Forty Winks I Can't Stand This Living Alone 1965
1240 Nesbitt, Jim The Friendly Undertaker Crying & Waitin' For You 1965
1245 Louis, Jimmy A Habit You Can't Break First Come, First Served 1965
1250 Wright, Ginny (Answer To) The Bridge Washed Out Undecided 1965
1255 Cramer, Lynn You Must Be An Angel Lost I Can't See The Good Things 1965
1260 Stephens, Ott Over There With Her You Go Your Way 1965
1265 Bain, Rod Twenty Three Hours & Fifty Nine Minutes Another Used-To-Be 1965
1270 Chaney, Al Somebody Left The Gates Of Heaven Open Be My Girl 1965
1275 Turner, Grant Maco Light Old North Star 1965
1280 Keaton, Linda Good For You Another Cold Shoulder 1965
1285 Black, June Postmarked Viet-Nam The Other Woman Is Your Wife 1965
1290 Nesbitt, Jim You Better Watch Your Friends You're No Good 1965
1295 Cagle, Wayne One For The Road Make It Short, Make It Sweet 1965
1300 Anderson, Lynn & Jerry Lane We're Different For Better Or For Worse 1966
1305 Tall, Tom Hill Above The City Eyes Look Away 1966
1310 Woods, Gene The Happy Side Of Loneliness Little Bitty Heart 1966
1315 Patriots, The I'm No Communist Better Times A Coming 1966
1320 Nesbitt, Jim She Didn't Come Home Working All My Life 1966
1325 Smith, Sam That's How Much I Cry Over You Facing Shame 1966
1330 Anderson, Lynn In Person My Heart Keeps Walking 1966
1335 Lane, Jerry I'll Miss You Every Chance I Get Anywhere But Gone 1966
1340 Kirby, Ted Most Likely To Succeed These Are The Things 1966
1345 Biggs, Kenny Loving You Is What I Do The Best My Little Make Me Happy Thing 1966
1350 Nesbitt, Jim Heck Of A Fix In '66 I'm From The Country 1966
1355 Hughey, Buddy Memory Fit Numbers Lil 1966
1360 Poole, Sammy It Took A Touch Just A Closer Walk With Thee 1966
1365 Chaney, Al If This Is Love (The Whole World Is In Trouble) Was Yesterday That Long Ago 1966
1370 Tall, Tom A Little Miracle Bad, Bad Tuesday 1966
1375 Anderson, Lynn Ride, Ride, Ride Tear By Tear 1966
1380 Woods, Gene (Songs Of) Bill Anderson Crying 1966
1385 White, Al Heartache Hangover Foot In Mouth Disease 1966
1390 Wesley, Rudy & The Palace Aides The Lean Hornet Half Of What You See 1966
1395 Lane, Jerry I've Done Wrong The Things I Do Best 1966
1400 Rose, Juanita She Dropped The World In My Hands A Pillow Filled With Tears 1966
1405 Smith, Charlie Daddy, Where Is Mommy Half Indian, Half Bulldog 1966
1410 Nesbitt, Jim Stranded These Modern Things 1966
1415 Craddock, Billy "Crash" There Oughta Be A Law Two Arms Full Of Lonely 1966
1420 Bain, Rod Mister Jones, I Want To Marry Your Wife A Picture That's New 1966
1425 Anderson, Lynn & Jerry Lane Keeping Up Appearances You've Gotta Be The Greatest 1967
1430 Anderson, Lynn If I Kiss You Will You Go Away Then Go 1967
1435 Campbell, Jack Togetherness You'll Be Happy To Know 1967
1440 Smith, Jerry Lil Ole Me Annette 1967
1445 Nesbitt, Jim Husbands In-Law I Want To Have My Operation On TV 1967
1450 Craddock, Billy "Crash" Whipping Boy The Love We Live Without 1967
1455 Owens, Clyde Whatever Made You Think I Missed You So I Won't Wait Up Tonight 1967
1460 Samples, Junior Worlds Biggest Whopper It Happened To Junior 1967
1465 Kirby, Ted Help Me Get Used To Being Without You Man In The Moon 1967
1470 Jennings, Bob The Worst Is Yet To Come Diamonds For Pearl 1967
1475 Anderson, Lynn Too Much Of You If This Is Love 1967
1480 Poole, Sammy God Made This Country Great There's A Great Cloud Coming 1967
1485 Brown, Willie Little Love You Senorita Things Ain't Like It Used To Be 1967
1490 Taylor, Frank The Life Of Riley Judas Feet 1967
1495 Leamon Sisters Cry By Night Lost From My Arms 1967
59-1001 Anderson, Lynn Too Much Of You If This Is Love 09/67
59-1002 Samples, Junior Worlds Biggest Whopper It Happened To Junior 09/67
59-1003 Anderson, Lynn Keeping Up Appearances You've Got To Be The Greatest 09/67
59-1004 Craddock, Billy "Crash" Go On Home Girl Learning To Live Without You 09/67
59-1005 Stephens, Ott & Trina Love If You Can't Bring It Home Why Not Tonight 1967
59-1006 Morgan, Jim Warm To Cool To Cold Listen To Me Lie 1967
59-1007 Hern, Shelia Don't Give A Man What He Wants (Give Him What He Needs) Monday, Wednesday & Friday Girl 1967
59-1008 Nesbitt, Jim Quittin' Time So Many Times 1967
59-1009 Samples, Junior The Bird Mule The Disorderly House 1967
59-1010 Anderson, Lynn Promises, Promises It Makes You Happy 1967
59-1011 Hood, Gene There's Gonna Be Lovin' Never Once 1967
59-1012 Lane, Jerry Lover's Lane My Mind Won't Mind Me 1967
59-1013 Helm, Wes I Might As Well Be Dead She Came Around Last Night 1967
59-1014 Terry, Gordon Togetherness Easy Way Out 1967
59-1015 Martin, Johnny Uncle Sam's Navy Right On The Edge Of Loneliness 1967
59-1016 Owens, Clyde Wide World Of Love Long Live Love 1967
59-1017 Hansard, Kirk Nudist Colony A Thousand Honky-Tonks Ago 1968
59-1018 Nesbitt, Jim Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives Social Security 1968
59-1019 Lindsey, Lawanda Beggars Can't Be Choosers Faded Blue 1968
59-1020 Edwards, Bobby I'm Sorry To See Me Go Once A Fool 1968
59-1021 Three Heads Penetration Baby, Don't Leave Me This Way 1968
59-1022 Stephens, Ott & Trina Love Don't Let Your Big Mouth Take You (Where Your Feet Can't Walk You Out) Read It & Weep 1968
59-1023 Gene & Rod Woman Stealer Incredibly Lonely 1968
59-1024 Brown, Maxine Under The Influence Of Love I'll Never Love Again 1968
59-1025 Craddock, Billy "Crash" Your Love Is What Is Anything That's Part Of You 1968
59-1026 Anderson, Lynn No Another Time Worst Is Yet To Come 1968
59-1027 Jennings, Bob I'll Step Into Your Shoes In Person 1968
59-1028 Owens, Clyde The Pillow That Whispers I'm Afraid 1968
59-1029 Green, Lloyd Woman, Woman Mr. Nashville Sound 1968
59-1030 Terry, Gordon Baby Gets All Her Lovin' From Me That’s What Tears Me Up 1968
59-1031 Vernon, Kenny Woman Won't You Make Up My Mind Oh Why Not Tonight 1968
59-1032 Stephens, Ott Hard Times (Are My Kind Of Times) Snow White Cloud 1968
59-1033 Hern, Shelia Loves Gotta Start Happening Give More Than You Can Take 1968
59-1034 Lane, Jerry Quietly Losing My Mind She Loves In Your World 1968
59-1035 Martin, Johnny Boobie-Doo Kiss Me 1968
59-1036 Lindsey, Lawanda Wave Bye Bye To The Man The Decline & Fall of Me 1968
59-1037 Helm, Wes Blue Are The Violets The Girl From The Next Farm Over 1968
59-1038 Hansard, Kirk Last Train To Nowhere Beyond The Thirteen Steps 6/4/1968
59-1039 Nesbitt, Jim Clean The Slate in '68 The Husband Is The Last One To Know 1968
59-1040 Love, Trina Cotton Pickin', Chicken Pluckin', Sheep Shearin', Wonder Boy 1968
59-1041 Three Heads Don't Walk On My Feet You Fit To My Heart 1968
59-1042 Anderson, Lynn Big Girls Don't Cry I Keep Forgettin' 1968
59-1043 Nesbitt, Jim Clean The Slate in '68 The Husband Is The Last One To Know 1968
59-1044 Hood, Gene Some Years Of Dead End Streets Temptation Keeps Twisting Her Arm 1968
59-1045 Edwards, Bobby Just Ain't My Day Each Time You Cross My Mind 1968
59-1046 Brown, Maxine Take Time To Know Him I Want To Thank You 1968
59-1047 Owens, Clyde So Much For Me, So Much For You (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers 1968
59-1048 Eaton, Connie Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Since Bonnie 1968
59-1049 Terry, Gordon A Little Bit Holding Trouble 1968
59-1050 Vernon, Kenny Free Born Man I'll Tell You Where To Go 1968
59-1051 Leigh, Dianne Happy Anniversary The Wife You Save 1968
59-1052 Hansard, Kirk Adults Only Make It Short, Make It Sweet 1968
59-1053 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Be Quiet Mind Breakin' Point 1968
59-1054 Lindsey, Lawanda What Kind Of Woman I Did My Duty 1968
59-1055 Nesbitt, Jim Six Broken Hearts Living The Life Of Riley 1968
59-1056 Lane, Jerry Ten Years Of Life It's All So New To Me 1968
59-1057 Dollar, Johnny Big Rig Rollin' Man I've Got To Stay High 1968
59-1058 Dolan, Vance Water And The Wine Two Hearts On A Post Card 1968
59-1059 Anderson, Lynn Flattery Will Get You Everywhere A Million Shades Of Blue 1968
59-1060 Robbins, Hargus "Pig" Bridge Washed Out Loves Apparition 1968
59-1061 Brown, Maxine Sugar Cane County My Biggest Mistake 1968
59-1062 Helm, Wes We're All The Same Size I'm Just A Wish I Was 1968
59-1063 Lindsey, Lawanda & Kenny Vernon Eye To Eye Looking Over Our Shoulder 1968
59-1064 Edwards, Bobby Walker Town Part Time Sweetheart 1968
59-1065 Leigh, Dianne Keep The Home Fires Burning Flat Tires Can't Roll Uphill 1968
59-1066 Stephens, Ott Sing A Little Song Of Heartaches Reassuring Love 1969
59-1067 Eaton, Connie He's A Night Owl Something's Wrong In California 1969
59-1068 Hansard, Kirk Dissatisfied I'm Gonna Be Better To Me From Now On 1969
59-1069 Owens, Clyde I Ran Off The Road Of Love You Can't Do Anymore to Me 1969
59-1070 Dollar, Johnny Big Wheels Sing For Me Wild Cherry 1969
59-1071 Green, Lloyd Bar Hoppin' Greenblue 1969
59-5000 Vernon, Kenny Yes Virginia Sea Shores Of My Mind 1969
59-5001 Anderson, Lynn Our House Is Not A Home Wave Bye Bye To The Man 1969
59-5002 Jones, Anthony Armstrong One Good Thing About A Bad Thing It's Only Lonely Me 1969
59-5003 Lindsey, Lawanda Take Me Home Woman's Intuition 1969
59-5004 Nesbitt, Jim I'm Yeller If You See My Brother 1969
59-5005 Terry, Gordon Charlie's Pride Vision Of Blindness 1969
59-5006 Brown, Maxine In The Arms Of A Heartache Broke Up 1969
59-5007 Bulla, Vance Stronger Than Dirt Superlover 1969
59-5008 Samples, Junior Birds, Bees, Girls, and Stuff Like That World's Biggest Whopper-Spoken Word 1969
59-5009 Eaton, Connie Morning Blue And Say Goodbye 1969
59-5010 Hansard, Kirk I'll Be There Through This World Of Mine 1969
59-5011 Jennings, Bob Without You Tell Me What To Do About You 1969
59-5012 Helm, Wes My Amazing Grace Free Love & Nickel Beer 1969
5013 Anderson, Lynn Where's The Playground, Bobby? There Oughta Be A Law 1969
5014 Green, Lloyd Robin Orbit 1969
5015 Vernon, Kenny Raining On A Sunny Day The Ba-Ba Song 1969
5016 Edwards, Bobby Loving You Is Killing Me Bring My Baby Home 1969
5017 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Proud Mary The Only Girl Who I Can't Forget 1969
5018 Leigh, Dianne I'm Gonna Let George Do It Big Three 1969
5019 Dollar, Johnny Meeting Of The Board If I Get Low Enough 1969
5020 Brown, Maxine & Gordon Terry Two Of A Kind Just Between The Two Of Us 1969
CH-5021 Anderson, Lynn That's A No No If Silence Is Golden 1969
CH-5022 Robbins, Hargus "Pig" Unknown Love Penguin Walk (Cool Theme) 1969
5023 Nesbitt, Jim Intoxicated, Frustrated Me It's Great To Stay In The USA 1969
5024 Lindsey, Lawanda Strike Three You're Out I'm Not Half As Strong 1969
5025 Lane, Jerry Crawling Back To You The More I Think Of You 1969
CH-5026 Samples, Junior That's a Hee Haw The Rabbit Song 1969
5027 Eaton, Connie I've Got Life To Live Million Shades Of Blue 1969
CH-5028 Terry, Gordon Ballad Of Biggersville Day Of The Gun 1969
CH-5029 Maphis, Joe & Rose Lee Gee Aren't We Lucky Guitar Happy 1969
CH-5030 Carlisle, Bill Polk Salad Annie Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense 1969
CH-5031 Eaton, Connie & Vance Bulla The Question Water And The Wine 1969
CH-5032 Helm, Wes Muddy Water Missionary Man Sally Goodtimes 1969
CH-5033 Jones, Anthony Armstrong New Orleans And Say Goodbye 1969
CH-5034 Nall, Jimmy Concrete Jungle Numbers Lil 1969
CH-5035 Dollar, Johnny Rain Falls In Denver Other Seeds To Sow 1969
CH-5036 Leigh, Dianne I'm A One Man Woman Can't You Talk Me Out Of It 1969
CH-5037 Peel, Dave I'm Walking My Baby 1969
CH-5038 Vernon, Kenny The Bridge Washed Out Mississippi Woman 1969
CH-5039 Robbins, Hargus "Pig" Funk Chunkin' Tequlia Float 1969
CH-5040 Anderson, Lynn He'd Still Love Me All You Add Is Love 1969
CH-5041 Gateley, Jimmy A Boy Who Doesn't Dig How Could Any Man Help Falling In Love With You 1969
CH-5042 Lindsey, Lawanda Partly Bill Making Waves 1969
CH-5043 Green, Lloyd Tell Ya What Steel Blue 1969
CH-5044 Carlisle, Bill Everything Will Be Alright I'm Movin' 1969
CH-5045 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Take A Letter Maria I Still Love You 1969
CH-5046 Rowell, Ernie Hello Josephine Learning How To Lose 1969
CH-5047 Hood, Gene I Ran Off The Road Of Love Another Heartache 1969
CH-5048 Eaton, Connie Angel Of The Morning One Time Too Many 1969
CH-5049 Dollar, Johnny Truck Drivers Lament Changing Her Thinking 1969
CH-5050 Samples, Junior Doggone (My Dog's Gone) Uncommonly Well 1969
CH-5051 Kirkland, Ray Today's Teardrops You're Everywhere (Except In My Arms) 1970
CH-5052 Nesbitt, Jim Running Bear A Good Woman Is Hard To Find 1970
CH-5053 Anderson, Lynn I've Been Everywhere A Penny For Your Thoughts 1970
CH-5054 Peel, Dave Wax Museum If You've Been Better Than I've Been 1970
CH-5055 Lindsey, Lawanda & Kenny Vernon Picking Wild Mountain Berries We Don't Deserve Each Other 1970
CH-5056 Eaton, Connie & Tony Martin If You Can't Bring It Home Tennessee Bird walk 1970
CH-5057 Nall, Jimmy Spell Of The Freight Train Such A Short Time 1970
CH-5058 Yarbrough, Bob In The Palm Of My Hand Tonight I'll Put It To Her In A Different Way 1970
CH-5059 Martin, Tony The Hills Of Yesterday Stranger 1970
CH-5060 Lane, Jerry I Hate To Sing & Run Sun Is Free 1970
CH-5061 Edwards, Bobby You're The Reason Don't Pretend 1970
CH-5062 Gateley, Jimmy People-lution You Love Me 1970
CH-5063 Bain, Rod Water And The Wine Don't Trouble Trouble 1970
CH-5064 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Lead Me Not Into Temptation One For The Road 1970
CH-5065 Carlisle, Bill Dirty Old Man Big Wheel From Boston 1970
CH-5066 Eaton, Connie & Dave Peel Hit The Road Jack The Question 1970
CH-5067 Hinson, Jimmy Countrified and Proud It's So Wrong 1970
CH-5068 Anderson, Lynn Rocky Top Take Me Home 1970
CH-5069 Lockwood, Bob Bringing Moonshine Back In Style Poor Alice 1970
CH-5070 Nesbitt, Jim When They Sent My Old Lady To The Moon My Old Drinking Friends 1970
CH-5071 Rowell, Ernie From The Sticks Of The Country Blinded By The Good Side Of You 1970
CH-5072 Green, Lloyd Ride, Ride, Ride No Another Time 1970
CH-5073 Bacon, Shorty & The Scrambled Eggs Stand Up Fool Head On Collision (With Love) 1970
CH-5074 Maphis, Joe & Rose Lee Run That By Me One More Time I Don't Care 1970
CH-5075 Vernon, Kenny Country Music Circus The Part In Between 1970
CH-5076 Lindsey, LaWanda We'll Sing In The Sunshine I'll Take Your Word For It 1970
CH-5077 Skelton, Eddie Colorado Queenie This Heart Was Built For Two 1970
CH-5078 Martin, Tony Coast Of California Inseparable 1970
CH-5079 Leigh, Dianne I'm Your Puppet Gone To Mama's 1970
CH-5080 Smith, Jimmy Gene Jailer, Bring Me Water Your Memories Are Stronger Than Drinks 1970
CH-5081 Owens, Clyde Pitching Wishing Pennies No Tomorrow For Me 1970
CH-5082 Reeves, Del Bad, Bad Tuesday The Stand In 1970
CH-5083 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Sugar In The Flowers If You Gotta Go, Go Now 1970
CH-5084 Eaton, Connie Memories Tomorrow My Baby's Coming Home 1970
CH-5085 Hood, Gene Reassuring Love Lips That Taste Of Honey 1970
CH-5086 Peel, Dave Sad Man's Song You're Walking Through The Rooms 1970
CH-5087 Mann, Lorene The Apron Tree The Skip Song 1970
CH-5088 Phillips, Dave & Susan Acres Of Paper Alice Where Art Thou 1970
CH-5089 Dollar, Johnny No More Truck Stops Just A Swallow Away 1970
CH-5090 Lindsey, LaWanda & Kenny Vernon Let's Think About Where We're Going Puzzles Of My Mind 1970
CH-5091 Yarbrough, Bob Big Ol' Thing Called Love Take My Love On Home 1970
CH-5092 Carlisle, Bill Daddy Won The War On Poverty Too Many Dollars Not Enough Sense 1970
CH-5093 Martin, Ron Drinking Man By Trade To See My Baby 1970
CH-5094 Eaton, Connie These Hills Best Of Everything 1970
CH-5095 Gateley, Jimmy I Sure Like Your Truck Joey's Old Things 1970
CH-5096 Nesbitt, Jim Pollution Spiro 1970
CH-5097 Face When Love Is Near As The Sun 1970
CH-5098 Anderson, Lynn I'm Alright Pick Of The Week 1970
CH-5099 Eaton, Connie & Dave Peel It Takes Two No Rest For The Wicked 1970
CH-5100 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Sweet Caroline Too Much Of You 1970
CH-5101 Bain, Al Doing My Time She Lives In Your World 1970
CH-5102 Samples, Junor Sports Common Taters Dippin', Chewin' & Acid 1970
CH-5103 Hinson, Jimmy Joseph Lee Cole It's So Wrong 1970
CH-5104 Bacon, Shorty & The Scrambled Eggs Key's In The Mailbox A Day Late And A Dollar Short 1970
CH-5105 Rowell, Ernie Kentucky Woman Poor Man's Dream 1970
CH-5106 Hansard, Kirk The Road A Thousand Honky Tonks Ago 1970
CH-5107 Lindsey, LaWanda No Matter How You Do Me The Day Of Our Love 1970
CH-5108 Vernon, Kenny Nashville Union Station Depot Up On Cripple Creek 1970
CH-5109 Peel, Dave Move Two Mountains Willard Crabtree's Running For Trustee 11/27/70
CH-5110 Eaton, Connie Sing A Happy Song Glad To Be Your Woman 11/27/70
CH-5111 Exit, Johnny Dedicated to The ATA I've Just Gotta Get Home 12/04/70
CH-5112 Nesbitt, Jim I Love Them Old Nasty Cigarettes Nice Guy's Always Finish Last 12/4/70
CH-5113 Anderson, Lynn It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Be Quiet Mind 12/21/70
CH-5114 Lindsey, LaWanda & Kenny Vernon The Crawdad Song Wrong Number 01/13/71
CH-5115 Wood, Del Are You From Dixie Kentucky Turnpike 1/13/71
CH-5116 Dollar, Johnny Gold Colored Glasses Highway In The Sky 01/27/71
CH-5117 Carlisle, Bill Can't Get Enough Big Wheel From Boston 1/27/71
CH-5118 Jones, Anthony Armstrong I Forgot To Live Today I'm Gonna Stop Loving You (or Die Trying) 2/18/71
CH-5119 Mann, Lorene Slip Away Chicken One Day Feathers The Next 02/18/71
CH-5120 Eaton, Connie Leave Me And Say Goodbye 03/01/71
CH-5121 Kirkland, Ray Let It Ride Another Saturday Night 03/01/71
CH-5122 Maphis, Joe & Jody If I'm Gonna Have Your Lovin' Sippin', Pickin', Fiddlin' 3/12/71
CH-5123 Peel, Dave Day (Don't Try To Cheer Me) My Baby 3/19/71
CH-5124 Langley, Ray Ole Rover Mesmerisement 03/19/71
CH-5125 Anderson, Lynn Jim Dandy Strangers 04/71
CH-5126 Craddock, Billy "Crash" Go On Home Girl Whipping Boy 04/71
CH-5127 Hughey, Carlyle Mark In The Sand Voice From Beyond The Grave 1971
CH-5128 Smith, Jimmy Gene Black Cloud I Just Came To Smell The Roses 4/29/71
CH-5129 Lindsey, LaWanda You Make My Day What Should I Care 1971
CH-5130 Forrest, Otis Do Something Gentle Breeze 05/13/71
CH-5131 Nesbitt, Jim Having Fun In '71 Here Today & Here Tomorrow 05/13/71
CH-5132 Eaton, Connie & Dave Peel In The Shadows Of The Night Our Divorce Was A Failure 05/21/71
CH-5133 Chambers, James Allen I Saw The Light He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 5/21/1971
CH-5134 Jones, Anthony Armstrong That Lucky Ole Sun Make It Hard For Me 6/4/71
CH-5135 Dollar, Johnny If I Make The Front Door Woman (I'm Gonna Kiss You) Rain Falls In Denver 1971
CH-5136 Anderson, Lynn He Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye The Pillow That Whispers 07/71
CH-5137 Eaton, Mike Don't Pull Your Love Hurtin' 1971
CH-5138 Eaton, Connie Don't Hang No Halos On Me These Hills 07/30/71
CH-5139 Jones, Anthony Armstrong It's Too Late Little Deeds Of Kindness 07/30/71
CH-5140 Lindsey, LaWanda & Jimmy Hinson The You And Me In Us I'll Just Take Your Word For It Baby 08/10/71
CH-5141 Hansard, Kirk Savannah Georgia Dirt On My Hands 09/08/71
CH-5142 Sovine, Red The Old Pine Tree Two Hearts On A Post Card 09/08/71
CH-5143 Peel, Dave Cracklin' Rosie I Thought Of You Today 09/23/71
CH-5144 Lindsey, LaWanda Partin' Of The Ways Say It With Flowers 09/23/71
CH-5145 Butler, Carl & Pearl Temptation Keeps Twistin' Her Arm I'm So Close To Loving You 10/06/71
CH-5146 Anderson, Lynn Love Of The Comon People Crying 10/71
CH-5147 Jones, Anthony Armstrong One Night To Remember I Still Love You 11/05/71
CH-5148 Eaton, Connie Let Me Be The One You May Wonder 11/16/71
CH-5149 Eaton, Mike & Cherokee Get Me Some Help Pretty Little Funny Face 11/16/71
CH-5150 Nesbitt, Jim I'm A Married Man Going Home To Die 12/16/71
CH-5151 Anderson, Lynn Too Much Of You There Oughta Be A Law 01/11/72
CH-5152 Sovine, Red Greatest Grand Ole Opry Six Broken Hearts 1972
CH-5153 Lindsey, LaWanda Wish I Was A Little Boy Again Time Heals All Wounds 1972
CH-5154 Craddock, Billy "Crash" Your Love Is What Is Whipping Boy 01/26/72
CH-5155 Wood, Del Gloryland March Standing Room Only 12/16/71
CH-5156 Margo The Animal Song Ode To A Cheater 1972
CH-5157 Jones, Anthony Armstrong It's a Crying Shame Mine, Mine, Mine 1972
CH-5158 Kirkland, Ray The Bright Lights With Him Unknown
CH-5159 Peel, Dave An Ordinary Day (In the Life of a Fool) Wax Museum 1972
CH-5160 Butler, Carl & Pearl She Didn't Come Home Two Of A Kind 1972
CH-5161 Sovine, Red Petunia Down Through The Years 04/1972
CH-5162 Eaton, Connie Tar & Cement Angel Of The Morning 04/1972
CH-5163 Crawford, Gene Two Of A Kind Wall To Wall Sadness 1972
CH-5164 Hinson, Jimmy Just Another Used To Be Bad Bye Baby 04/1972
CH-5165 Cooksey, Wild Bill Mississippi Hippie Tender Lovin' Care 05/1972
CH-5166 Wheeler, Karen A Special Day The First Time For Us 05/1972
CH-5167 Hansard, Kirk Nudist Colony If This Ain't Heaven 1972
CH-5168 Wilcox, Harry Old Romeo That's Why I'm Walkin' 1972
CH-5169 Brown, Maxine Take It Out In Trade Daddy, I Never Saw You Cry 1972
5170 Jones, Anthony Armstrong Colorado Callin' Take A Letter Maria 1972
5171 Wright, Ruby He's A Night Owl Fire That Burns At Home 1972
5172 Baker, Freddie Dead Among The Living When Youth Is Gone 1972
CH-1776-45 Corey, Dallas Swamp Fox [Promo Only] Swamp Fox [Promo Only] 1972
CH-5173 Unreleased - used 1776 instead

5174 Faile, Tommy Not Guilty My Home Sweet Home 1972
CH-5175 Rowell, Ernie It's The Real Thing Those Two X's 1972
CH-5176 Sovine, Red Day The Preacher Came Guilty One 1972
CH-5177 Lindsey, LaWanda One Time Too Many Partly Bill 1972
CH-5178 Warren, Gary Captain Sweet What Has Joshua Done? 1972
CH-5179 Wheeler, Karen Love Is Life & Life's Like That Keeper Of The Keys 1972
CH-5180 Margo What Have I Done (I'm So Ashamed) Make Love The Way We Used To
5181 Tuck, Red That's What Loving You (Has Finally Done To Me) I've Stopped Everything (But Loving You) 1972
5182 Eaton, Connie Love Is So Illusive These Hills 1972
CH-5183 Morton, Ann J. Housewives Union Welcome Home 1972
5184 Low, Eddie Remember Rhonda Morning After Baby Let Me Down 1973
CH-5185 Wheeler, Karen I Miss You Already One Hurt At A Time 1973
CH-5186 Rogers, Dusty Precious Sleep I Gave Up Good Morning 1973
5187 Margo Lulu of Tennessee My Son, My Son (Now You Are A Man) 1973
5188 McPeake, Curtis Dueling Banjos Snake Bit 1973
5189 Mason, Martha If I Ever Love Again I'll Cry Every Step Of the Way 1973
CH-5190 Shannandoah, Gene (With The Hearts) I'll Be Gone It's Her Love That Keeps Me Hangin' On 1973
CH-5191 Butler, Carl & Pearl Heartaches For Lunch Fifteen Years Ago 1973
CH-5192 Green, Lloyd Woman, Woman Too Much Of You 1973
5193 Nesbitt, Jim Mr. Jones, I Want To Marry Your Wife Bars Put Me Behind These Bars 05/10/73
CH-5194 Millam, Gil Jim Cole Things Are Looking Good 1973
CH-5195 Tall, Tom Sugar In The Flowers Bluegrass Valley 1973
CH-5196 Eaton, Connie The Other Side Of Town God Paints Pictures in the Sky 1973
CH-5197 Hansard, Kirk What Have You Done Serious Drinking 1973
CH-5198 Griffith, Buddy Slip Away Instant Love 1973
CH-5199 Mullen, Bruce Petals Of My Orchids (Stand Much Higher Than The Roses That Grow Wild) Holiday Inn 1973
CH-5200 Davidson, Charlene Do It My Way I Can't Sleep With You 1973
CH-5201 Lile, Lavon Truck Drivin' Country Music Warm Days, Cold Nights 1973
CH-5202 Nesbitt, Jim Whiskey Sampler From The Moment You're Born 1973
CH-5203 Crawley, Judy What Did You Do Last Night (To Make Me Love You) Sounds That Only Those In Love Can Hear 1973
CH-5204 Cunningham, Walt Nashville Rain (Instrumental) Nashville Rain 1973
CH-5205 Tall, Tom The La La Song Reasurring Love 1973
CH-5206 Mask, James Let Darkness Hide Our Love If The World Don't End Tomorrow 1973
CH-5207 Sovine, Red Midnight Rider Why Grass Is Green Back Home 1973
CH-5208 Creech, Alice Morning Love A Million Or Two 1973
CH-5209 Crawley, Tommy Too Much Of You Love On Ice 1973
CH-5210 Shannandoah, Gene I Like It Drinking & Thinking 1974
CH-5211 Glass, Dawn Pride For A Ride He Only A Memory Away 1974
CH-5212 Griffith, Buddy Promise I Can't Keep Home Is Where The Hurt Is 1973
CH-5213 Landers, Mark That's How Her Sweet Love Looks (All Over Me) Bridge Washed Out 1974
CH-5214 Dixon, Jackie I'll Spend My Life Loving You One Night To Remember 1974
CH-5215 Mullen, Bruce Auctioneer Love The Love in Touch Of Her Hand 1974
CH-5216 Sovine, Red From Champagne To Beer Mama's Birthday 1974
CH-5217 Mathis, Joel Ann Glasses Of Beer 1974
CH-5218 Hansard, Kirk Angel Unaware I'm Alright 1974
CH-5219-N Creech, Alice We Got What We Wanted Remember Me To New Orleans 1974
CH-5220 Sovine, Red It'll Come Back Down Through The Years 1974
CH-5221-N Wright, Lee Coming Back From Amy's (And Coming Home To Ann) Love Starved Woman 1974
CH-5222-N Glass, Dawn Kentucky Boy Living In Your Promised Land 1974
CH-5223-N Drumm, Don In At 8 Out At 10 Baby's Gone 1974
CH-5224-N Mullen, Bruce No Chains on Me Does A Frog Have Wings 1974
CH-5225-N Mathis, Joel Friday We'll Be Back In Love Again The Deep End 1974
CH-5226-N Stoneman, Roni Roy You Can't Take The Country From Me 1974
CH-5227 Morton, Ann J. Somebody Bigger Than Me Unknown
CH-5228 z- Unknown

CH-5229 z- Unknown

CH-5230 Sovine, Red Can I Keep Him Daddy Red's So Fine 1974
CH-5231-N Sovine, Red Santa Is A Texas Cowboy The Legend of the Christmas Rose 1974
CH-5232-N Gentry, Sharon Get Away Girl
CH-5233 Bryant, Jeannie Biff Boom Bam You Could Know As Much About A Stranger 1974
CH-7500 z- Unknown

CH-7501 z- Unknown

CH-7502 Dollar, Norville Continental Queen Stolen Moments 1975
CH-7503 z- Unknown

CH-7504 Mac, Tom

CH-7505 Sovine, Red Forever Julie Phantom 309 1975
CH-7506 Gentry, Sharon Throw Me Away Unknown
CH-7507 Sovine, Red Daddy's Girl Daisy's Chain 1975
CH-7508 Bledsoe, Steve Twilight Time Your The Greatest Woman I've Known 1975
CH-7509 Dae, Toni Swamp Boy Go To Hurtin' 1975
CH-7510 Glass, Dawn Pour A Little Water On The Flowers Living In Your Promised Land
CH-7511 z- Unknown

CH-7512 Sovine, Red You're Everything I've Lied & Cheated For The Old Fiddler 1975
CH-7513 Mullen, Bruce Booger Bottom Love In Auctioneer Love 1975
CH-7514 z-Unknown

CH-7515 Brown, Billy Thank You Darlin' A Country Boy 1975
CH-7516 z- Unknown

CH-7517 Bledsoe, Steve Till Forever
Your The Greatest Woman I've Known
CH-7518 Lile, Levon It's Raining Let Her Always See Me At My Best 1975