Two Sides Of


Side 1:
A Vision Of Blindness - (Ron Martin)
This Is The Place - (Alex Zanetis)
The Wrong Side Of The World - (Alex Zanetis)
Dead And Gone - (Joe Gibson)
Let Me Live Again (Alex Zanetis)

Side 2:
I'll Be There - (Bulla, Williamson)
My Baby's Coming Home - (Alex Zanetis)
Lie To Me - (Harold Dorman, George Wiley Gann)
Lifeline Of Love - (Alex Zanetis)
We're All The Same Size - (Bernard Spurlock)

Produced by Vance Bulla & Alex Zanetis

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates, Inc.


If the name Stan Gunn is unfamiliar to you I don’t think it will be for long. Stan Gunn is an entertainer and a darn good one. Stan came by on my all night show one night several years ago when his show was at one of Des Moines Holiday Inns. Just like so many artists who come by or call, I had never heard of him before. Many are unknowns; and many will remain unknown sad to say. But I kept hearing of and from Stan Gunn every so often. He made a couple of records which were fair to middlin'; meaning I could play them but they weren’t the kind that would make a big star out of him.

Then one day I was booked to appear with Stan Gunn and his show at the Longhorn in Swisher, Iowa between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. I had one of the biggest surprises of my life that night as I sat in the audience watching the show before I came on stage. Talk about a polished show! I told myself, "Man they're terrific!" I heard a variety from "A Boy Named Sue" to "Climb The Highest Mountain" all done very well and with perfection! I became a Stan Gunn fan and I don’t hesitate to talk up his show every chance I get.

If you haven’t seen the Stan Gunn show, don’t miss it when it comes to your area. I guarantee you will like it!

The album has 10 performances by Stan. I can’t pick out one favorite I like them all. "Visions of Blindness" and "I’ll Be There", his first two singles for Sugar Hill are terrific. But the other cuts are great too. The only thing wrong with this album is you can’t see how really entertaining Stan Gunn is.

So take my advice. Buy the album then see the Stan Gunn show or maybe it’s the other way around maybe you’ve seen the show and now you’re buying the album.

Mike Hoyer

Country Music USA

WHO Radio Des Moines, Iowa