John Anthony Hart


Side 1:
One Sweet Dreame- (Charlie Black, Ricci Mareno)
I Still Go To Memphis - (Bobby Fisher, Ricci Mareno)
Corpus Christy Winds - (Dale McBride)
More Than Honey - (Alex Harvey)
Them Was The Good Ole Nights (Jack Moran)

Side 2:
A Yard To Play In - (John Scoggins)
Growing Pains - (Alex Harvey)
I Believe In You - (Bobby Fisher)
I Can't Go - (John Scoggins)
Skip High, Skip Low - (Gary Parker, John Scoggins)



By request from across the U.S.A. and Canada, Sugar Hill records presents the talent of John Anthony Hart

It is our pleasure to answer the law of supply and demand with John Anthony Hart's first album on the Sugar Hill label. Why? Because this is a man who works a little harder to bring you a song.

This album contains John Anthony Hart’s first and second singles on Sugar Hill records. These together with eight other songs will expose you to the talent that comes across like a friendly smile in a strange place.

And because he gives his all. We know you will welcome him again and again with open arms.

Sugar Hill Records is proud to present John Anthony Hart.