Ride, Ride, Ride


Side 1:
Ride, Ride, Ride - (Liz Anderson)
Then Go - (Liz Anderson)
Beggars Can't Be Choosers - (Liz Anderson)
In Person - (Liz Anderson)
It's Only Lonely Me (Trio With Liz And Casey Anderson)
(Liz & Casey Anderson)
If This Is Love - (Liz Anderson)

Side 2:
If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away) - (Liz Anderson)
Too Much Of You - (Gene Hood)
There Ought To Be A Law - (Jo Gibson)
It Makes You Happy - (Gene Woods)
Tear By Tear - (Jerry Lane)
My Heart Keeps Walkin' The Floor - (Lynn Anderson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Lloyd Green

Album design by Dan Quest Studio

    The first time I met Lynn Anderson was at Chart Records in Nashville about one year ago. I was immediately impressed by this beautiful, sincere, young lady.
    A few days later, at her first recording session, I was even more impressed. In addition to her more obvious attributes, I discovered Lynn has a marvelous, different, and unique voice. She has the phrasing and inflections in her singing which only the truly talented possess. And believe me she sounds like no one else you've ever heard.
    Listen as she sings "RIDE, RIDE, RIDE", and "THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW". The gaiety, youth, and exuberance are apparent. Then listen as she projects such warmth and sincerity into "TOO MUCH OF YOU" and "THEN GO".
    Nineteen year old Lynn moved to Nashville recently with her parents from Sacramento, California. Her mother, of course, is the famous RCA Victor artist and song writer, Liz Anderson.
    In addition to being one of the best new female singers on the Nashville scene, Lynn is an equally proficient horseback rider. In 1966 she was "California State Horse Show Queen" and "Miss Sacramento Horseman's Association". She has one of the finest quarter horses in the nation, "TOP MARK". Lynn and Mark have won 128 trophies and over 600 ribbons in horse shows, rodeos, and parades all over California. Although this is Lynn's first album, you can rest assured there will be many more. She's going to be a great artist, not only because she's a fine singer, but also, because she possesses that remarkable ability of captivating people when she sings. In the studio the musicians give her 100% effort. On stage the audience gives her their complete attention.
    I would like to put my vote right now for Lynn as the number one up-and-coming girl singer for 1967.
    Lynn will be around the country music scene for a long, long time.