Big Girls Don’t Cry
CHM/CHS-1008 (1968)

Side 1:
Big Girls Don't Cry (Anderson)
Pick of the Week (Anderson)

Honey (Russell)
Just Between the Two of Us (Anderson)
I Love to Love You (Sutton)
Strangers (Anderson)

Side 2:
The Pillow that Whispers (Veale)
Ring of Fire (Kilgore-Carter)
Come on Home (Rhodes-Richey)
Wandering Mind (Singleton-Ashley-Kilgore)
You Mean the World to Me (Sutton-Sherrill)
I Keep Forgetting (That I Forgot About You) (Anderson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson

Arranged by:
Lloyd Green


    Not long ago a delightful young songstress from Nashville made her first professional exodus to Southern California to do a guest shot on Lawrence Welk’s ABC~TV program. Almost immediately this lovely Lynn Anderson, with her disarming feminine warmth and overwhelming quantities of talent and charm, won for herself a spot as a regular performer on the Welk show, becoming the nation’s only country music act with a regular slot on network tele­vision. Since then Lynn has become a part-time resident of the West Coast, and our California sunshine has beamed down a little brighter than ever before.
    In this album Lynn Anderson paints her own lyrical like­ness with a collection of today’s and yesterday’s hits. Rarely does a young singer demonstrate such a unique faculty for breathing fresh new life into songs that have been sung and resung. You need only listen to a few bars of Honey or Come On Home in order to realize that Lynn’s interpretation of a song adds a new and wonderful dimen­sion.
    So, relax and enjoy Lynn Anderson the artist. Her voice is the brush with which she gives color and depth to her subject—the song of her choice. And whatever the choice, any song delivered in the Anderson manner promises a rewarding musical experience.

Radio Station KGBS
Los Angeles, California