One More Time
CHM/CHS-1011 (1969)

Side 1:
Love's Apparition (Robbins)
Almost Persuaded (Sutton-Sherrill)
The Bridge Washed Out (Melshee-Louis-Smith)
Autumn of My Life (Goldsboro)
Funk Chunkin' (Robbins)
Big Girls Don't Cry (Anderson)

Side 2:
Strangers (Anderson)
It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (Tillotson)
Tequila Float (Robbins)
Love Takes Care of Me (Peppers)
Lonely Lovers (Robbins)
Let It Be Me (Curtis)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Joe Gibson

    For many years I thought the piano was essentially a mechanical-type musical instrument that would necessarily have the same basic sound regardless of who might be playing it. Then Pig Robbins came along and put an end to this erroneous opinion. Somehow, Pig can inspire a piano to come forth with a more gentle and emotional sound than it is willing to produce for other players. In addition, he is without question one of the most creative musicians in Nashville, and his ability to instantly come up with exactly the right sound for any song being recorded is uncanny. Of course, he, like the other great Nashville musicians, has played a major part in the creation of the ”Nashville Sound.”
    Perhaps, without realizing it, you have heard Pig in the background of an untold number of hit records. This album will afford you the privilege of hearing him as the featured artist. I know you’ll like it.