At Home With Lynn
CHS-1017 - (1969)


Side 1:
Where’s The Playground, Bobby (Jim Webb)
Take Me Home (Joe Gibson)
Games People Play (Joe South)
Singing My Song (Sherrill-Sutton-Wynette)
I’m Alright (Bill Anderson)
Full House (Glen Sutton-Buckley Maxwell)

Side 2:
Rocky Top (Felice & Boudeloux Bryant)
If Silence Is Golden (Liz Anderson)
Mr. Walker, It’s All Over (Gene Crysler)
Jim Dandy (Lincoln Chase)
That’s A No No (Ben Peters)
I Used To Know All Those Things (Liz Anderson)

Produced by:
Glen Sutton*

Album Design by:

Dan Quest Art Studio
* No Producer credits are given on the singles or LP. Glen Sutton is only an educated guess.

    AT HOME WITH LYNN—that’s how most folks feel when they hear her sing. In this album, you will discover that Lynn is as much ‘at home’ with one type of song as another. You can hear what Lynn does with a song—now let me show you what she does with a house. (The house on the cover is the one she lives in with husband ­songwriter Glenn Sutton). You won’t see very much of the ordinary in her home—just as you won’t hear much of the ordinary when she sings—but—come with me—let me show you—
    We’ll go in on the ground floor—
    We’re in the kitchen. American style with the latest conveniences. A small room surrounded by labor-saving devices. The eating area opens onto a patio which runs across the entire front of the house. Here Lynn and Glenn sometimes eat their dinner in the evenings, during the warm weather. This is one of the only rooms in the house which is like other houses. But let’s see what’s in the next room—
    This looks like France!!! It is the dining room. With the exception of the fireplace wall, the floor and walls are all covered with red carpet. This room contains a white hand-carved dining room suite made in France over 200 years ago. The matching sideboard is eight feet long and contains various secret compartments. Lynn and Glenn are still not sure if they have located them all. There is a door around to the back. Let’s open it—
    We’re in Africa—or so it seems. Over in the corner is a 7 foot waterfall with greenery and rocks; and there’s a big black bear sleeping on the floor and a zebra to one side; and a fox curled up on the television!!! These are skins, of course, although that bear head sure looks real and so does the fox. Over by the big leopard chair, lies a huge German Police dog—but he is real—and his name is ‘Ringo’. Now that we’ve gotten used to the animals, we can finally see that this is the ‘den’. On the walls are songwriting awards that Glenn has won and singing awards that belong to Lynn. Various antiques like a 150 year old calliope and an old cylinder phonograph (which work beautifully by the way) are intermixed with the very latest in sound equipment. This is my favorite room in the house. Next to the den, Lynn and Glenn have built a steam bath—the walls of which are partially covered with different colored stones in various shades of green. Now let’s turn and go up the stair to—
    SPAIN . . This is the Living Room. It has windows on three sides and a fire lace on e fourth. (Lynn is standing by the fireplace in this room in one of the pictures on the cover). The room is carpeted with the softest carpeting in the world and the entire decor is shades of sage green and near-white; everything in here is unusual from the 16-foot sofa to the 300 year old game table from India. Here Lynn has a pair of carved-from-marble polar bears made in Italy in 1824. The sliding glass doors open onto a full-length veranda high above the ground. Behind the fireplace are two guest bedrooms—one done completely in red and the other in blues. But let’s go now up another flight of stairs—
    We’re somewhere on the Mediterranean. There is a wrought-iron balcony overlooking the living room below. From this point, it seems like you can see the whole world. The cathedral window is covered with lace and velvet in shades of sea-green and avocado; in front of the window is a king-size bed with a beautiful green spread and lighted by a massive crystal chandelier. The master bath overlooks the wooded countryside. This is the top of the world or so it seems to be.
    Thank you for going with me to Lynn’s house. I hope you enjoyed it. With this album, I know you will feel AT HOME WITH LYNN and love her as I do. I am her mother.
Liz Anderson