Iíve Got Life To Live
CHS-1020 - (1969)

Side 1:

I've Got Life To Live (Liz Anderson)
And Say Goodbye (Grant King)
He's A Night Owl (Gene Hood)
Bonnie (Gene Hood)
The Question (Vance Bulla)

Side 2:

 Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense (Liz Anderson)
These Hills (Vance Bulla)
Morning Blue (Dick Feller)
Something's Wrong In California (Lay and Thompson)
Davy Jones Locker ((Liz Anderson)
A Million Shades Of Blue (Gene Hood)

Produced by:
Cliff Williamson

Album Design by

Dan Quest Art Studio

Meet my friend Connie.

    As my Dad, Slim Williamson, used to say when my Mom wasn't listening, "Anything that pretty's just gotta be good." Take it from my Pop, she is! If that's not enough, see the front cover of this album and note that the lady's GOT LIFE TO LIVE, and she sings a part of her life into each of the songs behind that cover.
    I wish truly that you could have the pleasure of meeting Connie Eaton in person as I have. Maybe you will one day. She enjoys meeting people.
    However, for the present, hear this first album of Connie's and become acquainted with the sweetest, loveliest, most sincere person ,
you'll ever know; not to mention the fact that she's a fabulous singer who will capture your heart as she has mine with a song and a smile.
    Now listen to this album and meet your new friend ... CONNIE EATON.


Cliff Williamson