That's a Hee Haw
CHS-1021 - (1969)

Side 1:
That's a Hee Haw (Joe Gibson)
The Life Of a Star (R. Emery & J. Frank)

The Rabbit Song (J. Samples & C. Williamson)
Uncommonly Well (Smith & Hughey)
Ole Rover (Langley-Gibson-Edwards)
Ode to the Thunder Mug (B. Carlisle,Jr-J. Gibson)

Side 2:
Doggone (My Dog's Gone) (V. Bulla)
The Insurance Man (J. Samples & Jo Gibson)
Tobe, The Mule (Part 1) (R. Lovett & C. Moran)
Tobe, The Mule (Part 2) (R. Lovett & C. Moran)
Junior's Love Life (J. Samples)

Junior & the Doctor (J. Samples & C. Williamson)

Produced by:
Vance Bulla & Joe Gibson

Album Design by Dan Quest Art Studio

    Junior Samples is probably the last of his kind. A spinner of tall tales reminiscent of the early American back­woodsman, Junior first captured the heart and funny-bone of America with “The World’s Biggest Whopper,” a tale about a fish he never really caught.
    Now as a regular member of the CBS “HEE HAW” show, Junior visits in millions of homes all over the country each week with his homespun humor.
    In this album Junior ex­pounds his philosophies on various subjects that he knows absolutely nothing about—which makes it interesting. He even sings (?) on two of the selections.
    If you have as much fun as I did listening to this album, you’ll probably wear out the grooves.

-A Junior Samples Fan