Songs that Made Country Girls Famous
CHS-1022 - (1969)

Side 1:

Once A Day (Bill Anderson)
I Fall To Pieces (Harlan Howard & Hank Cochran)
You Ainít Woman Enough (To Take My Man) (Loretta Lynn)
It Wasnít God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (J. D. Miller)
Mama Spank (Liz Anderson)
Dark Moon (Ned Miller)

Side 2:

Here Comes My Baby Back Again (Dottie & Bill West)
Harper Valley PTA (Tom T. Hall)
Donít Touch Me (Hank Cochran)
Your Good Girlís Gonna Go Bad (Glen Sutton & Billy Sherrill)
Ride, Ride, Ride (Liz Anderson)

Produced by:
Glen Sutton*

Album Design by Dan Quest Art Studio

* There are no producer credits listed on the LP. Glen Sutton is only an educated guess.

    Here she is again, Lynn Anderson! How is that for an original opening line? Itís no doubt been used many times over. So have the songs in this album. They have been used hundreds of times by hundreds of artists. But never have they had a more appealing sound. Lynn Anderson pays tribute to her fellow female stars with a spark≠ling, modern-country touch that makes these old-favorite tunes as fresh as the day they first came out of the studio. The Lynn Anderson style is at peak performance with this collection of musical evergreens that soared the girls who sang them, to stardom. The demand for Lynn Anderson records has grown rapidly in just four short years and itís only beginning. This album will be a welcome addition to every record library as Lynn Anderson sings ďSONGS THAT MADE COUNTRY GIRLS FAMOUS.íí