Best Of Our Country Girls
CHS-1026 - (1970?)

Side 1:
No Another Time (Lynn Anderson)
Jerry Lane
Iím Under the Influence of Love (Maxine Brown)
J. Zackery & R. Stephens

Beggars Can't Be Choosers (LaWanda Lindsey)
Liz Anderson
And Say Goodbye (Connie Eaton)
Grant King
Iím Gonna Let George Do It (Dianne Leigh)
Rudy Preston

Side 2:
Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense (Connie Eaton)
Liz Anderson
The Wife You Save (Dianne Leigh)
Joe Gibson & Charlie Wiggs
Sugar Cain County (Maxine Brown)
Maxine Brown
Too Much Of You (Lynn Anderson)
Gene Hood
Wave Bye, Bye To The Man (LaWanda Lindsey)
Lindsey & Gibson

Produced by:
Slim Williamson - Joe Gibson - Cliff Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest Art Studio

Lynn * Maxine * Connie * Dianne * LaWanda

    Imagine having five pretty girls sing for you in one album! Five of the prettiest, most talented stars in country music. O.K. your wish is our command. Here it is!
    It's headlined by LYNN ANDERSON singing two of her biggest hits, "No Another Time" and the pretty ballad "Too Much of You."
    MAXINE BROWN (former member of The Browns), sings two of her best known songs, "I'm Under The Influence Of Love" and "Sugar Cane County."
    Pretty CONNIE EATON has won so many beauty pageants and talent contests that she's lost count of them. Connie sings her first big hit "Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense" and encores with "And Say Goodbye."
    Our Canadian lass DIANNE LEIGH has been voted the number one female country vocalist in Canada for three successive years. You can find out why listening to her sing "The Wife You Save" and "I'm Gonna Let George Do It."
    "WWVA Jamboree" star LAWANDA LINDSEY is probably the fastest rising star in county music today. At this writing she has had seven consecutive best selling records. Included here are her first two hits "Beggars Can't Be Choosers" and "Wave Bye Bye to the Man."
    Lots of enjoyable hours are in store for you listening to the "The Best Of Our Country Girls."