Take a Letter Maria
CHS-1027- (1970)

Side 1:

Take A Letter Maria (R. B. Greaves)
Ruby (Mel Tillis)
To See My Angel Cry (L.E. White-C. Haney)
Words (B. Gibb-R. Gibb-M. Gibb)
I Still Love You (A.A. Jones)


Side 2:
Little Deeds Of Kindness (Vance Bulla-Peter Cotton)
Witchita Lineman (Jim Webb)
Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
Everybody's Talkin' (Nillson)
One For The Road (Liz Anderson)

Produced by:
Cliff Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest Art Studio



    One of the most exciting new stars to appear on the horizon of country music recently would have to be a young man with the unusual name, Anthony Armstrong Jones.
    A. A. Jones is personification of the new movement in country music-adding new sounds and young faces. Not only is he tal­ented, he possesses all the other elements necessary for stardom. He is young, (20 years old), good looking, has a dynamic person­ality, and is sincerely dedicated to music.
    Clear thinking . . . Anthony loves life, loves people, and loves music. He sets forth an example that many young people would do well to follow. He knows right from wrong and lives accordingly. The credit, he says, goes to his parents for bringing him up right.
    A. A. burst upon the country music scene in 1969 with hits like "Proud Mary" and "New Orleans", both of which were included in his first album "PROUD MARY", which has already become a best seller.
    In this fascinating new album, Anthony sings such great songs as "WICHITA LINEMAN", "TO SEE MY ANGEL CRY", And "RUBY". The highlight of the album for me though is "WORDS" sung movingly by young Mr. Jones.
    If you were not already an Anthony Armstrong Jones fan before listening to this album, take it from me, play it once, and you'll be singing his praises just like me!!!!

Judy Myers
Country Song Roundup