We'll Sing In the Sunshine
CHS-1035 - (1970)

Side 1:

Weíll Sing In The Sunshine (Gale Garnett)
Ways To Love A Man (B. Sherrill-G. Sutton-T. Wynette)
Thatís A No No (Ben Peters)
The Day Of Our Love (Jerry Lane-Ronnie Dawson)
Wrong Number (Liz Anderson)

Side 2:
Partly Bill (Vance Bulla-Steve Allen)
Battleground (Curley Putman)
Making Waves (LaWanda Lindsey)
Iíll Just Take Your Word For It Baby (Teresa Stamps)
What Should I Care (Cliff Williamson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Joe Gibson

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates



To LaWanda Lindsey fans Happiness Street

Country Music U.S.A.

Dear Fans:

    "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" is certainly an appropriate title for a LaWanda Lindsey album, because there is not a star in Nashville that shines brighter than she does. The reason I know this for sure is because I've been her agent for almost three years, and everyone from Chart Records, to the disc jockies, to the buyers, to the fans, and certainly her fellow artist seem to agree with me.
    I was talking to Loretta Lynn the other day, who incidently was the first artist I had the pleasure of working with, and I made the comment that LaWanda reminded me so much of her, because she was always the same no matter where she was or who she was with. Loretta said, "Well that's a compliment, cause that little gal has the talent, looks, and personality, and most of all she is nice to everyone. I think she will be one of the biggest stars in our business and you can tell everybody I said so."
    I hope you'll enjoy this album, and if you haven't met LaWanda in person or seen her perform, be sure you do so the next time she comes to your area. Then I am sure you will agree with all of us who know her and work with her, that, she will be "singing in the sunshine" for a long, long time.

Country Musically yours,