I’m Alright
CHS-1037 - (1970)

Side 1:

I'm Alright (Bill Anderson)
Love Me, Love Me (Glen Sutton-George Ritchey)
Try a Little Kindness (Bobby Austin-Curt Sapaugh)
My Friend (R. Orbison-B. Dees)
Haunted House (R. Geddins)

Side 2:

Rocky Top (Felice & Boudeloux Bryant)
Seven Lonely Days (E. Shuman-A. Shuman-M. Brown)
Down in the Boondocks (Joe South)
The Pillow That Whispers (Veale)
If the Creeks Don't Rise (Liz Anderson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates



    I wrote an album liner for Lynn Anderson a couple of years ago when she had a big song called “Promises, Promises.” It seems only fitting that Chart Records has asked me to write a few words about this Lynn Anderson LP entitled “I’m All Right.”
    I say it fits because when I wrote the notes on “Promises, Promises,” Lynn was certainly full of promise as a bright young recording star. She had been voted “most promising this” and ‘most promising that” in the country music field and everybody just knew this little blonde gal from North Dakota was gonna make it big. And now as she sings “I’m All Right,” the whole world has come to agree that it’s putting it mildly when you refer to Lynn Anderson as “all right.”
    Big hit records, smash appearances on network television, countless fans and friends, awards upon awards . . they’ve all come but they haven’t changed Lynn from the promising little star of yesterday. She still loves her horses, her husband (sometimes I suspect in that order!! I’m kidding, Glenn!!!), and she still has to live down the fact that some people insist on making her either my wife, my daughter, or my sister. In truth, we are only related by that beautiful yet invisible bond that somehow draws persons of the entertainment profession together.
    I wrote the title song in this album. I hope you’ll like it. I know you’ll like the way Lynn interprets it and the nine others in this package. After you’ve listened to this collection of songs from Lynn Anderson country, I know you’ll agree . . . Lynn Anderson is “all right” all right!

Bill Anderson