Nashville Union Station Depot
CHS-1038 - (1970)

Side 1:

Nashville Union Station Depot (John Ferguson)
You Wouldn’t Know Love (Hank Cockran-Dave Kirby)
Lodi (J.C. Fogerty)
The Greatest Love (Joe South )
Puzzles Of My Mind (Grant King)

Side 2:
Up On Cripple Creek (Jamie Robertson)
Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White)
Country Music Circus (Bob Segarini)
Joseph Lee Cole (Jimmy Hinson)
The Part In Between (Vernon-Williamson)

Produced by:
Cliff Williamson & Slim Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates


    Maybe country western super-stars don't come from any one area more than other areas, but you probably would have a hard time convincing the people around Jackson, Tennessee. They have sent us Eddy Arnold, Carl Perkins, and now-Kenny Vernon!!!!
    About seven years ago I made a statement to a close friend and singer-"Some day you'll make it all the way to the top of the music scene." It could have been just a hopeful statement and nothing more, except that it was made about a singer and an entertainer who has never been discouraged despite all the hard work and grinding one-night stands in all size bars and night clubs with seating capacity ranging from nill to thousands. Kenny Vernon is the talent that it has finally started happening for-and-happening in a big way!
    With his treatment of any song, whether his own or someone else's, there is no mistaking the Kenny Vernon talent, hard work, and experience. Kenny is here to stay! If you are not already familiar with his style when you pick up on this album, you'll surely be another Kenny Vernon fan from now on.
    A few hit records does not, as we all know, make a star that shines with enduring brilliance-except when you are talking about a singer like Kenny Vernon. And, I might add, it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving person-a guy who never became discouraged!

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