Move Two Mountains
CHS-1039 - (1971)

Side 1:
(You’ve Got To) Move Two Mountains (B. Gordy, Jr)
My Baby (Grant King)
I’m Walkin’ (A. Domino-D. Bartholomen)
If You’ve Been Better Than I’ve Been (Vance Bulla)
Willard Crabtree’s Running For Trustee (Dewey Howard)

Side 2:

Wax Museum (Grant King)
Sad Man’s Song (John Ferguson)
Rooms Of My Mind (R. Martin)
Day (John Ferguson)
Anna Riley (Dewey Howard)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Cliff Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates


    To meet Dave Peel is to appreciate him, not only for his evident talent, but especially for his dedication to the more serious side of life-honesty, truth, and faith. He has so impressed owners of respectable clubs and their audiences that he has no problem staying booked the year round, six and eight weeks at a time in one place. In addition to his successful former associations with the Daniel Boone series, The New Kingston Trio, and others, he now has a hit single, duetting with the vivacious and talented Miss Connie Eaton; as well as his own orbital single-Move Two Mountains. When Dave comes to your neighborhood, meet him in person; but for now, favor yourselves via this album-Meet Dave Peel.