Lynn Anderson
CHS-1050 - (1971)

Side 1:

Big Girls Donít Cry (Liz Anderson)
Pick Of The Week (Liz Anderson)
Honey (Bobby Russell)
Just Between The Two Of Us (Liz Anderson)
I Live To Love You (Glen Sutton)
Strangers (Liz Anderson)

Side 2:

The Pillow That Whispers (Veale)
Ring Of Fire (Kilgore-Carter)
Come On Home (Rhodes-Ritchey)
Wandering Mind (Singleton-Ashley-Kilgore)
You Mean The World To Me (Glen Sutton)
I Keep Forgettin' (That I Forgot About You) (Liz Anderson)

Side 3:

Ride, Ride, Ride (Liz Anderson )
Then Go (Liz Anderson)
Beggars Canít Be Choosers (Liz Anderson)
In Person (Liz Anderson)
Itís Only Lonely Me (Liz & Casey Anderson)
If This Is Love (Liz Anderson)

Side 4:

If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away) (Liz Anderson)
Too Much Of You (Gene Hood)
There Oughta Be A Law (Jo Gibson)
It Makes You Happy (Gene Woods)
Tear By Tear (Jerry Lane)
My Heart Keeps Walking The Floor (Lynn Anderson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson

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