The Greatest Grand Ole Opry
CHS-1052 - (1972)

Side 1:

The Greatest Grand Ole Opry (Jim Owens)
Six Broken Hearts (Jim Nesbitt)
Petunia (Hugh Brown)
The Day The Preacher Came (Mildred Burk - Darrell Haden)
Here It Is Christmas (Jim Langley-Vic Willis)

Side 2:

The Old Pine Tree (Tommy Hill)
Two Hearts On A Post Card (Vance Bulla)P
The Guilty One (Homer Strickland)
Down Through The Years (Red Sovine-Johnny Lee)
Mama’s Birthday (Bun Wilson-Doc Richardson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Cliff Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates, Inc

A couple anomalies I've found on this LP.

1. The cover lists a song called "The Last Party" - It is not in the album. However, a song called "The Guilty One" appears to be about a last party...

2. The spine lists this as Catalog # CHS-1059. I have 2 copies and have seen 2 others, they all have the same anomalies.