This album is unique in that the song titles are in a different order on the LP than on the jacket. I found this pretty interesting!
This is also the first LP released under the new distributorship of Buddah Records.

Kirks Best
CHS-2054 - (1973)

Side 1:

Serious Drinking (Carmon Holland)
Iíll Be There (Vance Bulla-Cliff Williamson)
The Road (Ted Harris)
If This Ainít Heaven (Kirk Hansard)
Through This World Of Mine (Vic Alpine)

Side 2:

Nudist Colony (Fred Leinweber)
Adults Only (R. Martin )
Make It Short Make It Sweet (Joe Gibson)
What Have You Done (Jimmy Hinson)
A Thousand Honky Tonks Ago (Joe Gibson)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson - Joe Gibson - Bill Walker

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates, Inc


    There's a certain magnetism about a real artist - and you don't have to be told it's there, you can feel it. -- such an artist is Kirk Hansard.
    When Kirk sings, the song has an entirely new meaning. He pours out the secrets of his heart and reveals his innermost thoughts and brings home to you all the things he sings about.
    With all his abilities and talents, Kirk is a real down-to-earth person. He is still that someone you can enjoy just talking to an individual with love, feeling and understanding as big as the sky. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to the struggling artists and encourages them to stay in country music until they achieve their goal.
    Kirk's love for country music and its people is genuine. It's people like Kirk that makes country music the greatest business on earth.
    Kirk is an outstanding entertainer as well as a gifted musician. - - listen to this album and you'll realize that it's the greatness and magnitude com≠bined that makes him one of the "greats".

Ronnie Campbell -- WTLK Radio, Taylorsville, N. C.