Best Of Chart Country
Various Artists
CHS-2010 - 1973

Side 1:

Big Wheels Sing For Me (Johnny Dollar) (J. Dollar & Bill Morrow)
Tar And Cement (Connie Eaton) (Del Prete-Celentano)
Truck Driviní Cat With Nine Wives (Jim Nesbitt) (Jim Nesbitt)
The Guilty One (Red Sovine) (Homer Strickland)
Iíll Just Take Your Word (LaWanda Lindsey) (Teresa Stamps)
Nashville Union Station Depot (Kenny Vernon) (John Ferguson)
Cool Steel (Lloyd Green) (Green)
Iím Under The Influence Of Love (Maxine Brown) (Zackery-Stephens)

Side 2:

Runniní Bare (Jim Nesbitt) (Jim Nesbitt)
You Make My Day (LaWanda Lindsey) (Bob Yarbrough)
Bar Hoppiní (Lloyd Green) (Green)
The Greatest Grand Ole Opry (Red Sovine) (Jim Owens)
Sugar Cane County (Maxine Brown) (Brown)
Joseph Lee Cole (Kenny Vernon) (Jimmy Hinson)
And Say Goodbye (Connie Eaton) (Grant King)
Big Rig Rolliní Man (Johnny Dollar) (C. Fields & J. Howard)

Manufactured & Marketed by Country Records Ltd, London 

I originally though this LP to be the equivalent of CHS-2055, but now I am not sure. I can't find any mention of Chart CHS-2055 anywhere! I don't know if it was even released.  This may be a UK only release. If anyone can provide information on CHS-2055 I will be eternally grateful!