Itíll Come Back
CHS-2056 - (1974)

Side 1:

Itíll Come Back ( G. Martin)
Love Makes The Grass Grow Green (M. Landers)
Daddyís Girl ( G. Martin)
Sunshine Man (M. Landers)
Daisyís Chain (D. Worden-A. Morton)

Side 2:

Can I Keep Him Daddy (Greer-Sovine)
Sugar Tree (M. Landers-D. Worden)
I Love You More (A. Morton)
Everybody Sing A Song (S. Buckles)
Redís So Fine (B. Belew-D. Worden)

Produced by:
A-Side Productions, L. Morton & D. L. Worden

    To say that I am honored to write the liner notes for Red Sovine's new album would be the understatement of the year. When the Chart folks told me to get my notes together, I was undoubtedly the happiest disc jockey in country music. "There's so many things a fellow could say about Red Sovine", I told myself as I sat down to write. But when you're dealing with an artist like Red, who seems to know everyone in the world, it's really hard to say something original. So I'll do away with that idea right now. We won't discuss his enormous talent and his track record in the music business. No sir, I'm just going to tell you why Dugg Collins thinks so much of Red Sovine.
    First of all, I like to talk, and Red is a big talker, too. So we hit it off the first time we ever met. To make things even better, we both have an undying love for Coors beer. Now, there's nothing better in the whole world for me than to get with Red Sovine over some good cold Coors and listen to some of the great stories he can tell about his experiences in the music business. Now, if you plan to do any talking yourself when Red is present, you had better jump in pretty damn quick when he's pausing for a breath of air, other≠wise, you can just forget it.
    What I really want to say (and this is personal to Red) is all of us in the business and your fans around the world love you. They just don't make 'em like Red Sovine anymore. If I never write liner notes for another artist, Red, this is the one I always wanted to write.


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