Sings Your Favorite Comedy & Heart Songs
CLP-6500 (1964)

Side 1:

Lookin' For More in '64 (Bill Moore)
Mother-in-Law (Bill Moore)
Right Around Home (Jim Nesbitt)
These Modern Things (Jim Nesbitt)
You Better Watch Your Friends (Jim Nesbitt)
Baby, You've Cleaned Me Out (Jim Nesbitt)

Side 2:

Working All My Life (Jim Nesbitt)
I Can't Make It By Myself (Jim Nesbitt)
I Laughed When You Said You Were Leaving (Jim Nesbitt)
Something About You That I Like (Jim Nesbitt)
Ain't No Way To Get Around It (Jim Nesbitt)
If You Don't Love Me (Tell Me Now) (L. Casper)


Produced by:
Jim Nesbitt


    Doing what comes naturally just about sums up the successful rise to stardom by Jim Nesbitt of Lake City, S. C. His ability to be completely natural while performing before an audience or a microphone, his inborn talent to win an audience, his natural wit and sense of humor make him a natural star whose sparkle will shine for many years to come.
    Jim Nesbitt was born on a farm near Bishopville, South Carolina December 1, 1931 and lived there until he was 11 years old. He helped his Dad pick cotton and readily admits he picked only enough to buy a battery for the family radio so they could listen to the Grand Ole Opry. Jim must have picked a pretty good amount because he is still affectionately retains the name of the Cotton Picker.
    When he was 12 the Nesbitt family visited an uncle who had bought a Gene Autry guitar for his children. When none of his children could play it, “Unk” gave it to Jim who learned the chords from his mother. The rest of his guitar learning just came naturally.
    In high school Jim won several talent shows which led to a job with Slim Mims and his Dream Ranch Boys from nearby Florence, S.C.
    After one year with the band, Jim began his disc jockey career at WAGS, Bishopville, S.C., and later at stations in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and South Carolina.
    Jim has several hit records to his credit but his biggest hit was “Looking For More In 64” followed by “Mother-In-Law” which are included in this album. Jim stays busy working shows and Clubs in the U.S. and Canada. His favorite food is pork chops. His spare time is spent fishing at one of his favorite lakes in South Carolina.
    This album contains a variety of Comedy and Heart songs we think the whole family, young and old alike will enjoy.
    Be sure and see Jim Nesbitt when he appears in your area.


General Manager WJOT Radio Station
Lake City, S. C