This is the first of two known Chart "Special Series" LP's.

My guess is that these LP's were released immediately after RCA stopped distribution to capitalize on the new revenue opportunities.

Country Hit Parade
Various Artists
CSS-3000 (Chart Special Series) - 1969

Side 1:

Wave Bye Bye To The Man (Lynn Anderson) (LaWanda Lindsey-Joe Gibson)
Big Rig Rolliní Man (Johnny Dollar) (Charlie Fields-Johnny Howard)
Iíll Tell You Where To Go (Kenny Vernon) (Vernon-Lane-Hood)
Never Once (Gene Hood) (Gene Hood)
Water And The Wine (Vance Bulla) (Vance Bulla)
Born To Be Unlucky (Joe Gibson) (Fred Linewebber)

Side 2:

It Makes You Happy (Lynn Anderson) (Gene Woods)
Iíve Gotta Stay High (Johnny Dollar) (B. Owens-L. Owens)
Woman Wonít You Make Up My Mind (Kenny Vernon) (Gibson-Lane-Vernon)
Thereís Gonna Be Loviní (Gene Hood) (Gene Hood)
Two Hearts On A Postcard (Vance Bulla) (Vance Bulla)
Old Friend (Joe Gibson) (Jo Gibson-Jan Davis)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Joe Gibson


    A wide range of MODERN COUNTRY SOUNDS is presented in this collection of hits by some of your favorite artists. Today's country music includes a much greater variety of sounds than ever before, appealing to young and old alike. There is no generation gap in MODERN COUNTRY MUSIC.