This is the second of two known Chart "Special Series" LP's

Nashville Sound Hits
Various Artists
CSS-3001 (Chart Special Series) - (1969)


Side 1:

Intoxicated, Frustrated Me (Jim Nesbitt) (Louis Pruitt)
Another Souvenir (Maxine Brown) (Jerry Lane)
No Another Time (Jerry Lane) (Jerry Lane)
I Might As Well Be Dead (Wes Helm) (Wes Helm)
The Cold Wind (Debra Berry) (Debra Berry)
Long Live Love (Clyde Owens) (Gibson-Perkins-Robinson)

Side 2:

Quittiní Time (Jim Nesbitt) (Wes Helm)
Iím In The Arms Of A Heartache (Maxine Brown) (Gene Woods)
Itís All So New To Me (Jerry Lane) (Jerry Lane)
She Came Around Last Night (Wes Helm) (Wes Helm)
All American Sport (Debra Berry) (Gene Hood)
Iím Afraid (Clyde Owens) (Gene Woods)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Joe Gibson


    This collection of hits, sung by some of your favorite artists, features the much talked about "Nashville Sound." You'll find that "The Nashville Sound" is not one sound but a variety of many sounds created by musicians like Lloyd Green (steel guitar), Hargus (Pig) Robbins (piano), Pete Wade (guitar) to name a few.
    We think you'll enjoy the modern country sounds that people call "The Nashville Sound" featured in this album.